Gold River Seed, Inc. is a custom seed production company specializing in contract multiplication of high quality vegetable seed for breeding companies, distributors, and end users.

The company is involved solely in the confidential and secure contract multiplication of clients’ germplasm to the highest quality standards and is in no way involved with the development or marketing of vegetable seed.

Gold River Seed, Inc. is based in the Western United States in the Central Valley of California and the Treasure Valley in Idaho. The growing areas encompass the microclimates found in the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valley regions where crops are placed specifically to ensure the highest quality and yield. Additional growing areas are utilized in the Pacific Northwest in Washington and Oregon. Every attempt is made to place crops with the finest growers in the best environment based on species and variety.

The experienced field staff represent the principals of Gold River Seed, Inc. and will have their offices in the fields of the clients. This is a one-on-one, hands-on seed company.

Customer service is paramount to Gold River Seed, Inc. and Client Access will be available on this website. It will be confidential and will include updated pictures, crop reports, and rogueing information.

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